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hazzardman said: I believe Korra may learn to unlock bending potential in nonbenders or even create multibenders. I see the potential for dual or even triple benders is that with the mixing of the diffrent bending cultures people can have two diffrent bender types as parents like Tenzin. Because I question why exactly is he not a water bender instead, after all Bolin and Mako are diffrent benders but are brothers So it seems bending capabilities are unpredictable when in last airbender it seems blood. Thoughts?

It would be interesting to see if energybenders could give back bending as well as take it away. This could be a cool end for Korra’s spiritual journey: first airbending, then the spirit world, and finally energybending.

I don’t think we’ll see multi-benders because it would diminish the Avatar, and muddle the themes of the show. Metalbenders and bloodbenders prove that you don’t need multiple bending abilities to do incredible things. On the other hand, the show has consistently shown us that sometimes abilities are lost (energybending) and sometimes they are discovered (metalbending), so it’s in the realm of possibility.

Lastly, it seems that mixed families can produce different types of benders, but you only get one. It’s like real-life genetics. Sometimes kids get red hair, and sometimes black hair, but you don’t see them get both on different parts of their body (no Rufio). In the case of Tenzin, he was born an airbender like his father, but his sister Kya is a waterbender and Bumi is a non-bender. He also turned out light-skinned like his father, but Kya and Bumi are dark-skinned like their mother. As a mixed-race person, this rings very true to my experience. Good job, Bryke.

—Lu the Earthbender

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